Matt LaPrairie

Austin, TX

Acquisition Search

I'm ready to buy my next business.I'm looking to acquire a B2B service business with recurring revenue, generating $500 - 600k SDE.Any leads appreciated.

Priority Day

I help bootstrapped founders who want to spend less time working in the daily grind of their business and focus more effort on getting results.Upgrade your business in a single day

My Previous Business

I started 420 Science in 2004 with my best friend, Gary. The great thing about starting a business when you're 24 is that you've got nothing to lose.

  • Bootstrapped on credit cards.

  • $7M revenue / $1.2M profit in our best year.

  • Many years of losing money, breaking even, and small profits.

  • Invaluable experience gained learning about hiring, firing, e-commerce, email marketing, logistics, finance, a million other things, and doing it all with one hand tied behind our back because some plants are illegal.

I Write

I enjoy the practice of writing and I publish a short article on the last Sunday of each month.Subscribe to Sunday Shrooms to get a written microdose of my thoughts.

Let's Co-Work

I'm working out of the EO office next to Cuvée Coffee on East 6th Street.Work alongside me for a day. Or we can grab a coffee. Pretty open. DM or email for a date.

Internet Stuff

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I'll get back to you shortly.- Matt

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